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Robert Iannaco 10 months ago

Parents, This weekend is our season ending 'Jamboree'. We play a combined U32/Burlington at 9am, then we play Springfield at 11:00am. Please have the boys (and I will tell they too), bring a change of clothes as I will be collecting the uniforms after the game, including practice jerseys, game jerseys and pants. All equipment will be left in the storage unit after the game (helmets, shoulder pads)

Thank you, Coach Iannaco

Robert Iannaco 10 months ago


I just received an email from the Athletic Director about our game on Saturday.

We are ONLY playing Burlington at 10:00am.

So Please beat at MMS to pick the boys up after the game by 11:30am.

Last week I had to wait around for 35 minutes for all the boys to be picked up.

I cannot leave until they all get picked up, so I would appreciate it if everyone could be at the school by 11:30am.

Any questions please let me know.

Robert Iannaco 10 months ago


There will be NO practice on Friday as I am having minor surgery.

HOWEVER: Please bring the boys to the Varsity football filed for 6:30pm.

They are to wear their game jerseys, and will be introduced along with the varsity team, prior to the game, as it is Homecoming.

Jimi P, Jack A, Matt Z and Evan J will be water boys on the sidelines during the game.

I hope to be there, but it depends on how I recover.

REMEMBER: Saturday's games at Burlington are 10:00am and 11:00am.
Be at the school for 8:35am, bus departs at 8:45am.

PICK UP TIME back at MMS will be 12:45pm

Robert Iannaco 10 months ago

Parents, even though it shouldn't be your responsibility, could you please double check that the boys all have their full gear before they arrive at school on Saturday. Thank you, Coach Iannaco

Robert Iannaco 10 months ago

ALL, The player bus leaves at 7:45am this Saturday September 28th for our game at Burlington. We play, or so I'm told, at 9am vs Burlington and 10am vs U32.

Robert Iannaco 11 months ago

No practice today, Thursday September 12th. We have some players who are not feeling well and some who are sore, so I need them all healthy for Friday's game. For Friday's game, we will be stopping after the game, more than likely McDonalds, so please send your son with some money. Also, ALL players will be riding the bus home.
As an FYI, A parent asked a great question: With Wednesday September 25th being a half day for students, would there be practice.
The answer is No there will not be.
It's too much of an inconvenience for parents to get their kids back to school for practices on half days. So again, No practice on Wednesday September 25th.
Thank you, Coach Iannaco

Robert Iannaco 11 months ago

All there is No practice today, Monday September 9th. There was a FB post stating no practice, so most players did not bring there gear. For future reference, I will put it out there whether here or on the team FB page, whether practices are changed or canceled. If you see something from anyone else besides me or our AD Marcel Choquette, then please contact me so there is no confusion. Moving forward, I intend to practice every Monday - Friday , which every player has been told numerous times. Again, practices are now 3:30-5:30 until further notice and players should be picked up promptly at at the field behind the school.
Thank you, Coach Iannaco

Robert Iannaco 11 months ago

NO Practice today. We will have our first practice on Friday August 30th. 3:00-5:00pm, at MHS. Please remember to pick up your sons at the high school at 5pm.